Castellan EP

by Castellan

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released May 2, 2015

Dan Rohe - Keys/Vocals
Daniel Imperiale - Guitars/Vocals
Lucas Carine - Drums

Additional bass by Thomas Eisenhauer

Cover art/photography by Daniel Imperiale



all rights reserved


Castellan Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Birds
You couldn't that I'd been drinking,
but only cause you'd been drinking, too.
You couldn't say what you were thinking
cause saying always makes it sound so true.

So I came over drunk and restless.
Birds were singing in the copses.
We went swimming in your bed and I walked home.

Now, it was clear and we'd agreed
to give a little and change a lot.
But nothing changed; I'm only greedy
and I could love our pretty love apart.

When I came crawling form the rubble
birds were singing in the sun.
I sang with them, sang your name,
but I was alone.
Track Name: Droines
You can't think what you want to believe.
Red lights blinking on our enemies.
I don't thank you, and I don't agree.
Red eyes inked in all indelibly.

The flier calls, it's clean and innocent,
a lie of consequence, but what's to care about?
Go where you go.

It's a crutch now, it's a broken wing.
It's a rush now, you won't feel a thing.
Track Name: Life of the Party
Grab a coat and pack a bag.
Tell the parents you'll be back.
A pack of smokes and a flask of Jack.

In the parking lot we loiter,
clothes are on the floor; I'm spoiled.
Smoke another, feeling older.
Driving down to the pier and back,
smells of weed, and sex, and crabs.

On the beach it's cold and windy.
Pull in close you try and kiss me.
Is it your hair? I don't know.

Think right; speak right.
A cold night, alone on the beach with you that night.
I woke tired, alone in the sand in the morning light.
A long drive with a bottle of gin and a moon pie.
We'll make it or we'll die trying,

Tell me where you hid it, "No I didn't,"
You're the life of the party,
Roll another ticket from the bible, are you fucking around?
Let me wear your glasses, fuck the masses
can you tell me the answer?
California's garbage, but in Portland you're exhausted so then

On the bathroom floor I'm salty,
seashell, chintzy, soapy, chalky.
Fall asleep and then I'm walking.
Light emanating form the stars and back,
pooling on the pavement cracks.

On the bed you're feeling lazy.
On the bed my legs laid lazy.
The sun is up; I'm going crazy.
I don't know.
Track Name: Cow Parts
The past implied what you'd become.
Enhance your girl; a second glance.
The blood your bleeding brothers bled
so you could alliterate.

It's all for naught. It's all for nothing.

A country man, you country men!
All dust, and sores, and cow parts.
Deposit crown upon your head
and wait for the weight. A heavy metaphor.

It's all for naught. It's all for nothing.
Track Name: Stack of Letters
Here I was told your love kept order,
and order kept, in love, could chaos never soil.
We built it up, a love, a pattern on and off,
and watched it fall apart. A wreck of record.

Coast to coast, your boy's already gone.
Ghost to ghost, your bodies only one.

Here I was stalled, alone, a coast across the globe,
and you on yours, alone, and praying for me.
But down the block, alone, a dog barks at the moon.
He calls your name, a ghost, a stack of letters.

Coast to coast, your boy's already gone.
Ghost to ghost, your bodies only one.